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PC PlayStation Trailer Video

Save Koch – Announcement Teaser Trailer

“I don’t like violence. I’m a businessman. Blood is a big expense.”

In Save Koch you play as a mafia kingpin trapped inside your own panic room. Danger! Danger! A greedy Mastermind is trying to seize your power, and they’ve sent a Mole deep into your illicit operations. Time is running out. You have just six days to solve the mystery and identify the Mastermind before you’re taken out of business. Permanently.

The gameplay of Save Koch is dynamic. At the start of each new game session, the game shuffles the NPC deck, which drives all game events. This means that the Mastermind and the Mole are different people each time you play. You’ll need a different investigation strategy each time, as the actions they take will depend on their specific personalities and abilities. The end of your first session is only the beginning.

Make strategic decisions, join unexpected alliances, hire detectives, bribe or even torture witnesses. Do whatever you have to do to flush out the Mole and track down your rival Mastermind. Not to mention save your own life. Every decision has consequences: for the residents of New Kandinski, for your associates, and for you. Tick. Tock.

Oh, and yes—you are, quite literally, a pig. You have a snout and some stubble. 

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others – George Orwell, Animal Farm

Key game features:

  • Unique graphic style and atmosphere of the dark city of New Kandinski. 
  • Dive deep into the noir history of this city of sins. 
  • Carry out a full investigation, but remember, you only have six days and time is running out.
  • There’s plenty of replay variety, the end of the game session is just the beginning. Save Koch is played in a completely different way in each new game session. All your actions affect the course of the game. 
  • All your decisions have consequences. All your crimes cannot be erased. 
  • Choose associates according to your strategy and your preferences, all characters have their own unique skills and abilities, each has its own approach to resolving the problem. But remember, the outcome of the whole game depends on making the right choice.

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